Can’t Win.

You’re exactly how I wanted you
Right here, right in the moment
and yet I’m suddenly not satisfied
You’re perfection personified
and yet I’m sat here feeling lost.
The feeling I felt when you weren’t here
when I was longing for you to come home
for you to crave me the way I craved you.
It’s gone.
I’m empty, numb and yet I have everything.
What went wrong?
The vicious circle of wanting
what you can’t have has bitten.
Can’t win.

I.M. Wilson



A yearning to go alfresco in the monsoon
The saliva from the haze above punches an exterior
Descending, the aroma, a drizzly, sodden fragrance
A realisation
A childlike moment
A sense of freedom
An abandonment of rationalisation
A rapid crash as the particles disperse wildly around.

I.M. Wilson

Square One

I’d like to write
All the things that are
Locked up so very
Tightly in my mind.

I expect them to fall out
To make themselves whole
And to lose themselves
Like ants on the page.

But they never do.
Then I’m tied up inside
And I’m back to square one.

I.M. Wilson